enders_shadow (enders_shadow) wrote in nietzsche_fans,

I'm taking an Honors course on Alienation, Liberation and Zen. Today, Nietzsche was brought up cause he influenced Herman Hesse and to a lesser degree Kafka, both of whom we are reading in the class.

The class (like most honors classes) are predominately female. One girl said that Nietzsche was a mysognist. I defended him, and must remember to make a point to bring him back up next week. If for nothing else than the below aphorism is not the work of a mysognist in any way.

The perfect woman is a higher type of human being than the perfect man: also something much rarer. - The natural science of the animals offers a means of demonstrating the truth of this proposition. -from Human, All Too Human

Now, it may be a touchy subject, but any and all imput is appreciated, to know what kind of criticism such a comment and any other things I could cite he wrote that explain his views on women clearly.

And yes, I know about Lou Salomé and Paul Ree. Course comments on them are welcome, as I am not all knowing--just mildly informed.
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