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Was Nietzsche a Daoist?

I'm a philosophy student at SUNY Plattsburgh and recently took a course on Nietzsche and another one on Ancient Chinese Philosophy. I'm considering writing my final thesis on Nietzsche and Chuang-Tse.

In Zarathustra, N writes:

"My brother, if you have a virtue and she is your virtue, then you have her in common with nobody. To be sure, you want to call her by name and pet her; you want to pull her ear and have fun with her. And behold, now you have her name in common with the people and have become one of the people and herb with your virtue.

You would do better to say, "Inexpressible and nameless is that which gives my soul agony and sweetness and is even the hunger of my entrails."

May your virtue be too exalted for the familiarity of names: and if you must speak of her, then do not be ashamed to stammer of her..."

He goes on, but what caught my eye was the "inexpressible and nameless" passage. It reminds me of the first line of the Daodejing. "The way that can be named is not the true way."

As far as I am aware Nietzsche never read anything about or by any Daoists, however it seems that Nietzsche's thought and Daoist thought intersect in alot of ways. I'm curios what others may think of any such connection.
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